Vegas Vision Studios Lighting Technique

A small gift from Vegas Vision Studios

Low Key Portriature Lighting Setup.

Background is black Duvatine

Model must be 4-5 feet from background to prevent key and fill lights from spilling onto background and lighting it.

Lighting Diagram

Photo credits: Bobby Deal.

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October 20, 2008


Both of your shots and your infos are GOOD.

September 28, 2008


You are welcome Beth, I will post more in due time

September 28, 2008


Bobby - appreciate your diagram! :) b

September 25, 2008


thanks Bobby!

September 24, 2008


"Comment by Miklav on September 24, 2008
What's the effect of putting the grid on the octagon softbox?"

It narrows the spread of the light to 40 degrees. You can do it without the grid but by using it you are better able to control light spill and wrap around

September 24, 2008


This is my favorite lighting setup. I just have to get that hair light mounted on my ceiling. Right now it is on a stand behind the background, which cuts into the depth of my room considerably. Thanks for sharing!

September 24, 2008


I love lighting diagrams! Thanks for the info and sample Bobby!

September 24, 2008


What's the effect of putting the grid on the octagon softbox?

September 24, 2008


Good shot!

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