If you are looking for pictures of beautiful great gardens, The Gardens and Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles in french) might be a good choice. Here are some statistical information from wikipedia, so you can imagine how great they are:

* 800 ha. park

* 20 km. roads

* 46 km. trellis work

* 200,000 trees

* 210,000 flowers planted annually

* 132 km. of trees in rows

* 23 ha. surface area of the Grand Canal

* 5.57 km. perimeter of the Grand Canal

* 20 km. enclosure wall

* 50 fountains

* 620 jets of water

* 35 km. of water piping for the fountains

* 3,600 m3 water consummed by the fountains during the Grandes Eaux

As I was there, the Palace was being reconstructed, but was still able to take some nice shots of the gardens and partly the Palace:

Photo credits: Timehacker.

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