Versions and mixed lights

As practice shows, there is no final version of a stock photo. Some of the images in my portfolio can be found in 3, 5 or even more variations. To begin with, I personally think that images isolated on white (or any other solid color) are not considered to be as a final product. It all depends on the photo, but if it is about the „classic“ stock, then this is the way it is. Therefore, my hands are getting itchy after some time.

A young and woman in an erotic dress

Fashion shoot of a young and redhead woman

Fashion shot of a young woman in an evening dress

Fashion photo shoot, clothes by a young designer from Tallinn - Maria Suvorova. Here we used mixed lights: a portrait plate in the front and two contemporary sources, illuminating the colorful polyethylene and tissues in the back.

Fashion shoot made with fusion lighting

Fashion shoot made with fusion lighting

Fashion shot of a young woman in an evening dress

Photo credits: Maksim Shmeljov.
Maksim Shmeljov
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  • Shmeljov
  • Tallinn, Estonia

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October 10, 2012

Great images!Congratulations!


October 09, 2012

Very professional! Which studio equipment do you use?


October 08, 2012

Great images, beautiful models.


October 08, 2012

Amazing light of this images, congratulations!


October 08, 2012

Modeling beautiful, photo is also very beautiful pictures!