Vertical or Horizontal Photos?

Do you like to shoot photos vertically or rather horizontally? My initial preference was to shoot landscape or horizontal photos. But for some strange reason I find my photos shot vertically sells better than those done horizontally.

As an example, this was the latest sale. Yes done vertically. Compared this to the horizontal layout.

I noticed a few things on a recent photo shoot. When the camera is tilted sideways, the actual colors captured, as seen through the viewfinder, is much closer to what my eyes see. When done horizontally, the colors are a bit more muted and more post-processing needs to be done.

When taken vertically, more of the top view or the lower frame is captured, giving it a "tall" impression. Also I think the camera sensors measure the brighter light source (usually the top frame) and the darker ground areas, compensate the contrast and somehow capture the best combination. There is less light contrast for a horizontal picture.

That said, I think the key difference is composition. Enrique wrote an excellent blog article on composition a while back. Top 10 Composition Tips. Since there is a cropping effect for vertical pictures on the horizon areas, I find myself taking more time in composing the picture. Maybe that make the difference too.

Consider this also, magazines and newspapers are done in vertical format. More incentive to do vertical photos. Who knows I may just stumble upon one of the tiff pictures, especially this flowers picture.

So, what is your preference? Horizontal or vertical?

Photo credits: Haslinda.

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Most of my work is studio portraiture, so shooting portrait seems "normal" to me. When shooting landscapes..... camera horizontal... unless you are shooting for stock/advertising photos when you want plenty of space above the focus point to leave room for headers/ad words.
Horses for courses


Interesting comparison here. My oppinion is that what counts in the end is the composition rather than format. A photo is sold if you manage to capture the essence of what the buyer needs. Sometimes, the photo needs to be further cropped to fit the desired needs of the buyer and all it matters in the end is that given the particular size of the crop, your subject will remain intact and still have plenty of space around to accomodate some of the background elements. Try to imagine how the photo will look like if you cut out some pieces of it and recompose.


Hey guys. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your point of view. Cheers!


Very useful comment. Somehow it makes sense and at least one should try to have both formats in the portfolio. Your photos are nice too. Good Luck!


Interesting comment. Be good to find out what admin think.


I know ... I am always considering this as well. Your images here look great all around. :)


Interesting point you raised, I say sales are 50/50 in my little portfolio , kind regards


Horizontal is more dramatic, although both are great.


beautiful and also like both


I have no personal preference, it's just a question of what point-and-dial, has value only as the subject and the "express" through the camera, hello!


I like both versions! ;)




I always prefer horizontal images because of the form of the computer and camera screen... But you always have to shoot vertical too.

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