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heya all,

As a beginner photographer i am constantly looking for new tips and tricks to make better photo's. most of this tips and tricks i find on the internet by using google. If i would post everything i see on the internet then dreamstime would be full of articles. But i have made a decision to not do that. I decided to only post the most worthy information.

So here is what i thought would be handy for more of ya guys out there:

I recently discovered that Kodak also has a tip database with lots of handy information.

I have tried almost all of the Tips and tricks for me they were easy to understand and very useful.

The good thing is that it is well organized so you wont waste time by searching the whole website. (important)

This tips are for beginners and advanced photographers.

Have a look yourself and find out yourself.

Kodak Tips Center

Photo credits: Mircala.

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October 30, 2007


Many thanks for sharing :) Interesting site indeed.

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