Very useful subscription sales

In this article i want to talk about how useful are the subscription sale on DT unique level based system.... Two months ago around 70% of my sales were sub sales; at that time i was very frustrated about that ( at one time almost 20 sub. sales in a row).

In a forum thread Achilles wrote to me regarding the unusual number of subscriptions sales '' Although you can not control the number of sub. sales they are something you should aim for...'',honestly i didn't belive him. Many of my photos turned from lvl 0 to lvl 1 or 2.

Two month after that, like many of you noticed came a ''period'' with many credit sales... the result was awesome; 40% less sales and 35-40% more revenue :), especially because that month (April) with many subs. sales rising my lvl 0 images .

© Nicku

My conclusion:

Yes, sub sales are very important and useful in DT pricing algorithm, and YES the sub. sales are very, very important part of that pricing algorithm. After this experience i will enjoy seeing lvl.0 sub. sale almost as much as a 7 credits sale...

Photo credits: Arkadi Bojaršinov, Torsten Schon, Nicku.

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June 23, 2011


I guess it is a little frustrating having subsales, but everything counts and adds earnings.

June 23, 2011


For the buyers side, it is also better to buy the Level0 pictures as fast as possible before the level rise as well. I want also the "SUB" and I have a lot of level0 picture ;)

June 23, 2011



June 23, 2011


Surely becouse they increase your sale numbes and level of your images

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