Vibration Reduction or IS

Wondered, why VR (Vibration Reduction) had different names and were little, confused when I saw that there were different names on different brands. so I googled a bit and found this!

Same technology, different brand names.

Pretty much the same technology under different acronyms.....probably due to trademark infringement

VR (vibration reduction) is Nikon's trademark name for stabilization. Canon's is IS or "Image Stabilizer. Same thing from different brands.

Canon Image Stabilization IS

Nikon Vibration Reduction VR

Sigma Optical Stabilization OS

Tamron Vibration Compensation VC

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August 22, 2012


hehehe yes tanx

August 22, 2012


thanks - and - not to forget:
Panasonic O.I.S - optical image stabilizer
but saying that, I'm not using it at all yet - which doesn't mean I wouldn't like to in near future :) - stop - I'm not telling the truth - I have IS in my Canon G1X and wouldn't want to miss it there!

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Photo credits: Tommytechno Hammarsten.