Video Problems

I am very happy to see that Dreamstime has started accepting videos. However, I am not happy that I have to buy a Mac to upload them. OK, that's an overstatement, but I found that in order to upload my videos, which I am sure are Emmy worthy, that I need to get a version of QuickTime to convert said winners into an acceptable format.

Not wishing to start the old Mac vs. Windows controversy, let's just accept that Windows 7 is better than anything Apple puts out, so how about accepting different formats. I have Sony Movie 11 Platinum and can't save in the proper format for the site.

Any suggestions on software that will do the trick?

Photo credits: Larry Spisak.

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December 28, 2013


i have a lot of problem to upload video;whtch is the best file: avi quicktime or dvd format? i use stramclip

November 05, 2013


Gheburaseye, sorry you didn't see the humor in my post. I'm serious all day long shooting, adjusting correcting. I'm sorry if I offended you, but I just wanted people to smile while I asked my question.

Adashi, thanks for that. I knew about t he paid version of Quicktime, but I did not know about the Streamclip program. I'll check it out.


November 05, 2013


What I read is not a nice thing! I think I don't create videos at the moment!

November 05, 2013


Hi, Quicktime is also available for Windows. There is also MPEG Streamclip, available for both platforms (plus it's free).

You can read more on videos here.

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