So only views!

I have now 12 photos online! one of them has more than two hundread views! im here for 4 months but i have not got any sales! wHAT SHOULD I do to have sales?

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May 04, 2012


Hi, first law: be patient! 12 photos is small portfolio and these monthes are so poor for many DT people...
Than your key words are often irrilevant!
Good luck

May 01, 2012


Perhaps people are trying to figure out why your image of Venice comes up when they search on 'bird', or 'racing' :) You have a lot of irrelevant/spam keywords on your 12 images...

May 01, 2012


Upload as many images as you can, Usually when you get to 100 images online you start seeing more sales.

May 01, 2012


Search Venice and you get 19,946 images. I to have my own version of your picture in my portfolio, this has only 4 sales. My best advice is this, according to your profile you live in Moscow, search the best selling images of Moscow and get out there and shoot some with your own style added. Not mid day touristy shots that cruise visitors like myself take but evening/sunset/nights shots. Good luck and get out there :-)

May 01, 2012


I think after four months on the site, reading the blogs, looking at other people's portfolios, looking at the top selling photos you'd know that having a larger portfolio is the answer. Most contributors don't start seeing sales until they have 100 images up. I've been posting 100 a month. Some serious contributors post 100 a day! What are you expecting from 12 images? To retire? Get busy, stop thinking that posting a blog with tags such as "useful" and "sex" is going to jump you to the head of the line. Do the work.

May 01, 2012


The importance of a larger collection is definitively a priority. Your collection, though small is very good. Diversify your subject, but always remember quality is the upmost importance. Good luck on your future sales. A great example I can offer you is ... Though i love to capture landscape images, I took a photograph of a cup of coffee, and within several days, a sale occurred.

May 01, 2012


If only it would be that easy to get sales… 12 images is not enough to expect sales very soon. You should upload more images especially if you only have buildings and landscapes you need hundreds to get some decent sales. Your images are usable for travel brochures or websites but you have allot of competition so you will not get far with only 12 images. Try to shoot more commercial, people and concept images. Isolated objects also seem to sell well but my best selling images are people. Try some searches for subjects you like to shoot and then see what sells and try to compete with that. But most of all... get more images online! My portfolio is very diverse and daily sales started for me at 150 images. Good luck! :)

May 01, 2012


Max, usualy it takes months for the picture to find a customer. Do not worry, it will come. In the meantime keep uploading. There are milions of pictures on line, so yours 12 need more brothers to fight for customer.

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