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I am new to dreamstime and I am trying to figure out how to get customers to start downloading my pics. I have noticed that once a picture gets one download, the views start going up and it gets downloaded again by another customer, and so on... So, I was wondering if I downloaded one of my most viewed pics, would it start getting downloaded by other people??? Maybe customers are more likely to download an image if it has already been downloaded before. Just a thought. Let me know your opinions on this idea, please.

Photo credits: Torie Mitchell/glover.

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September 11, 2007


Very good advice.

September 11, 2007


There is no connection between view and downloads. Buying your own image will certainly not "boost" your sales... apart from that one which you've made.
Try to think in a more natural way, so to speak, when it's about downloads - more people will download an image when its really good, appealing, has a clear message, etc. Then this image will have more downloads, but at the same time be downloaded even more because it's good.
Yes, some people, when shopping for images might prefer to order their search by "most downloaded" and select from the first few pages, because they know that these will most of the time be very good images. The real key to having more downloads is simple: have more images with higher quality. Then remember to be patient. And things will slowly pick up. Once you have a good portfolio of several hundred images sales will be almost daily... And then it's good. :) Hope that helps! Greetings!

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