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One of my greatest pleasures during my childhood was scissors, glue and old magazines ready to be cut. So, I found good solutions: Need a lion for playing? Cut it from a magazine? need some cash? also cut it! That fondness for collages still been along with me since then.

As times are changing, now I have replaced those tools for the copy, paste, crop and retouch using the computer. And my hobby became my current job: Graphic Designer.

These old fashioned scenes had been made ​​up as collages, mixing several images from the same era. These images show how could had been some situations and events during the Victorian years.

I used my imagination in those pictures, making a wink to the shocking viewer.

My collages mean a claim about the Joy of Life and also a tribute to the great Richard Hamilton ...

Calmly, enjoy these photos never shot on real.

Photo credits: Jodielee.

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September 15, 2013


Marvelous images and portfolio. Your performance since 2005 would be interesting if annual increments ...........clearly very high value sales per image but how have sales faired in the last 12 months ?
Has your income slumped ? Starting early when the database was small is clearly an advantage is it not ?

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