Vision is what makes each photographer different from the others and in fact, each human being different from the others.

Vision is our own unique way to interpret the outside world.

It is also "the thing" that makes our images.

The way in which we look at the objects and people we photograph inevitably reflects in the final product, the image.

Let's see how different photographers contributors of Dreamstime view the same subject.

First search I made is for the most popular fruit out there, the apple.

We have a sweet, innocent, healthy lifestyle image in the vision of Petar while from Briana we have the kiss of temptation, an image laden with hidden meaning. Same object, two different meanings in the visions of two different photographers, both successful to their own public.

Another popular subject, the eternal business man, never tired, never sleeping, sometimes relaxing, sometimes stressed.

© Dana
In the vision of Daniela we have this great image of a businessman relaxing in green field, we know he means business cause he's wearing the attire and sitting in the chair, we also know this image is very successful and so are others shot on the same note.

Than we have what Fred saw when he though business man, the happy and very successful man, not relaxed but accomplished as a carrier person, also an image which attracted a lot of downloads thanks to its stock appeal.

I am throwing in a third image to the businessman comparison, even though it's not really a man the representation is comprehensive, simple and well visualized and might I say Fabrizio is right on spot with the current financial climate with this image.

© Nikitu
And since I am talking about vision what is more appropriate than a comparison between images of eyes.

Here is my own image, which I call future vision because I imagined it to be a vortex, a worm hole in the future. And seems that our buyers like the future too because this is my best sold image .

In comparison I am presenting the spying eye, and image by Rgbspace, which brings in mind uncovered secrets, meetings behind closed doors, hidden information, big brother even. Also an eye but in a different vision.

And the romantic eye, caught in beautiful soft light, almost smiling at you, peaceful and angelic, so different from the eye looking into the future and the one spying. Brought to you by Fallenangel and his vision.

So, my main point is vision is the most precious possession a photographer has. Although it is closely related to imagination it is not the same thing, imagination brings out the ideas while vision forms the images in your mind.

Imagination develops with time, some people tend to have more of it, others less, but vision, we are lucky enough to be born with it and it only fades when our eyes and our bodies fade.

I am sure many of you walk on the street or stop at a traffic light, look at something simple and visualize a photographic frame, a possible future image.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I am looking forward to your own opinions.

Photo credits: Fabrizio Argonauta, Briana Hunter, Daniela Spyropoulou, Fallenangel, Fred Palmieri, Ioana Grecu, Petarneychev, Roxana Gonzalez.

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September 01, 2009


Yep, but your eye looks shocked cause it is wide open while mine is just relaxed, I guess :) Your image is nice.

September 01, 2009


@your eye: I have a an eye image with a similar filter(sorry, no intention there. The rest of the image just looked ugly and I had the choice to either blurr it away somehow or throw it away) I found that the filter emphasized the shock-effect and liked the result. I had my image downloaded with the shock-keyword at least once so I suppose I'm not alone with the shocked-impression. Your eye looks really nice and it does not look shocked. It really is rather something like the all seeing eye and I hope it sees many more sales! Fallen angels eye is really beautiful in colors, very friendly, innocent somehow and I agree it is smiling :)

August 31, 2009


I think vision is more than you wrote. It's not about the way you see or feel or understand,but it is the capability to see beyond the present, beyond the ordinary. It is capability to think, to see and to understand in another way than others.
Visionary people, hmmmm.. nice and complicated subject, as people are. Some of them have no vision at all (trust me) and some cannot express themselves in order to share their vision. A small part (and you're one of them) wants and can share it to the mass. Visionary people are those who can share their vision to others, and maybe they become leaders. Good or bad leaders, only history can decide. In term of art, they are usualy great artists. They have something to say, and they say it, in the best way possible.

August 29, 2009


Similarly the target. I absolutely agree with you

August 27, 2009


It's right Wildmac, humans are not perfect creatures, there is good and bad in all of us. Take Africa for example, where people starve and flee their homes, where we see hunger and desperation others see profit, a simple way to make money.
There were many political leaders in history who envisioned so perfect worlds, utopias and yet they all failed to accomplish their plans because there has to be good in the world but there also has to be evil to appreciate the value of good.
If we would always be happy we wouldn't know what happiness is.

August 26, 2009


Our vision is what makes us human, it separates us from all other earthly creatures. The best of our vision brings us our fantastic paintings, music, literature, architecture etc. The worst of it reads differences into our religions, beliefs, cultures etc and allows us to kill and injure others in the name of our vision of a perfect world/way of life. It is a shame that in order to have one half we must also expect the other. Great blog Ioana! Thank you for sharing :0)

August 26, 2009


Wow, Maigi, you should write more blogs, more often :)
Great to see how contributors think, not just what they "see".

August 26, 2009


Great blog, Ioana! I love it. We, people, are so different. Very lucky are those, who have a vision and insight, AND an ability to express it in a way others can see or understand better. I'm pretty sure there are lots of people, who have great ideas, deep understanding, but who never are understood and appreciated just beacause they are lacking an ability to bring it out, to express. And some days ago I was talking with my friends about that kind of people, who remain always on the background and unnoticed, but who we can call triggers. Those people have millions of fresh and crazy ideas, different new viewpoints, and they are pretty good of expressing themselves in a verbal level, but they never fulfill or accomplish their vision. Others take their seeds of ideas, mold them, formulate them, modify them and bring them to the daylight, receiving all the acknowledgment. But when you put those three together - one who thinks, the other who creates, develops ideas, and the third who can put those ideas in some material form, then you get a winning team! But of course there are some lucky ones, who masters all those great qualities of such team. And I'm pretty sure, some of them are on Dreamstime and featured on your article. Thanks for the food for thinking! :)

August 26, 2009


Great blog - enjoyed reading it - made me think about "Vision"!

August 26, 2009


I agree 100%! It's all about how we see things. It's all about how we see ourselves.

August 26, 2009


Agree with Maen , and I think the photographer always see as a photographer; your eyes does not rest ...

August 26, 2009


Different visions make it better, nice blog.
Cheers ;)

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