Visit France thanks to DT - 3

Following the “Visit France thanks to DT” and “Visit France thanks to DT - 2”, pleasefind now the #3!

Enjoy the tour!

The Alsace region (far East of France )

Panorama of a vineyard and a village in France

Beautiful village in Alsace - France

Vineyard in Alsace - France

Vineyard and small village in Alsace - France

The Ardennes region (North East of France )

Village in the loop of a river

The Vendée region (West coast of France )

Small Lighthouse


The famous Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris)

Notre Dame de Paris place illuminated in Paris.

Photo credits: Astormfr.
  • Astormfr
Passionate about photography, I am a non professional.

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June 06, 2012

thanks for your support


June 06, 2012

Nice! Thanks for sharing!


June 05, 2012

Nice Shoots...:)


June 04, 2012

Your images are great.


June 04, 2012

thanks a lot!


June 04, 2012

Very nice photos!!!


June 04, 2012

Beautiful images, congrats!