Visit France thanks to DT

I am sure a lot of DT users are fully aware that it is possible to visit nearly every places in the world thanks to DT.

I am French and I upload a lot of photos I took for DT during my different trips all around France.

I do not have a lot of photo on DT now but one can already see:

The Cathedral of Amiens (North of France):

White Beach hut of the beach of the North of France

A foggy coutryside in the north of France:

The foggy golf of Le Havre in Normandy:

The famous umbrellas of Deauville (Normandy):

Vineyard and village of Alsace (East of France near Germany)

Typical façade of a house of Alsace

The Alps with sheeps

Typical house of Bretagne/Brittany (West of France)

Blue and white beach hut of West beach of France (Vendée region)

Yes I must admit that Paris is missing on my portfolio. It is a shame. But I have another very beautiful and romantic city: Firenze/Florence in Italy

I hope you love this virtual trip!

Thank you everybody to share your photos of all the beautiful places that are all around the world!

Photo credits: Astormfr.

Your article must be written in English

May 23, 2012


Thanks a lot Afagundes. It's indeed tricky!!!

May 23, 2012


You have to add some lines between the paragraphs to give space for the next photograph, its a bit tricky, but thats the way to do it.

January 09, 2012



January 05, 2012


Thanks you all. You are all welcome. Call me if you come ;-)

Does anyone know how to put all the photos one on top of the other? Am I sure it is feasable!

January 05, 2012


Nice pictures....:)

January 05, 2012


i really like it!

January 05, 2012


Nice pictures od France!

January 05, 2012


I love France. I was just in Paris for a week in November. I never get tired of it, even though my French needs a lot of work. I hope to be there again soon, maybe next year. Thank you for sharing your lovely images, especially the Alsace image. I can't wait to go there!

January 05, 2012


does anyone knows to put all the photos one on top of the other? My articles is not easy to read currently?!

I play around in preview mode adding blank lines and spaces until it looks the way I like. If there is an easier way, I would love to know as well.

Thanks for the tour - the images were great - were shall we go next?

January 05, 2012


beautiful photos !

January 04, 2012


Indeed a wonderful place.
And when you visit the lesser known places in France you get to explore some new experiences.
We had been to Flessels (12 kms from Amiens) What a wonderful village and the people are so warm.
Had been to the canal at Amiens and the floating garden is something out of this world.

January 04, 2012


I like the virtual trip very much. Great article and photos!

January 04, 2012


does anyone knows to put all the photos one on top of the other? My articles is not easy to read currently?!

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