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A trip to Leh had always been in travel wish list but had not been able to make it happen until last month. I planned this trip last year around but due to the cloudburst catastrophe that happened I shelved it again.

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People visiting India usually have a entirely different picture of India. India to the eyes of a tourist is always something synonymous to population, traffic, dust, beggars, snake charmers, elephants, etc., But believe me when I say a visit to Leh might make you rethink about India and it will totally erase the photograph of India in your mind with the pictures that has nothing but emptiness, clean, blue sky, miles of vastness, mystic beauty. The Leh Ladakh valley on the contrary to the rest of India has very less population, perched on a high altitude this place has literally no dust, the sky seems closer to you and you can see miles and miles of emptiness, the mountains seem to change colours and texture based on sunlight and cloud shadow.

I am sure people who had already visited Leh would agree with me.

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After much craving for this trip, I finally was able to make this happen this year. I have always heard a lot of people say about this paradise on earth but I would say that no words can define what you actually see here. My craze for leh was also due to the fact that I wanted to capture it all my camera once I visit Leh. Leh Ladakh is actually a valley in northern part of India which shares its border with Pakisthan, China and may be Afganisthan as well. The terrain that leads to Leh makes it closed for most of the winter when the mountain passes are covered with snow and makes the access through road not possible. The two major roads connecting to Leh, manali - Leh and Srinagar - Leh usually are cleared by Army and made available in late may and remain open till winters. (November).

This region has some amazing terrains which one would probably never see in anyother part of the world.

Leh boasts of the highest motorable Road in the Khardungla Pass which is in the height of 17530 ft. The pass is controlled by Indian Army and this is the only way you could enter Nubra Valley.

Nubra Valley again a different experience where you see Arid desert with snow cald himalaya in the backdrop. You can enjoy a double hump camel ride here.

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The PangongTso a very large salt water lake that spans across China with 60% of the lake in China. The lake is one place where you could start clicking pictures and still never get contended even after finishing to snap every degree of the view as the view changes every minute based upon the time of day and cloud shadow , the lake itself has been photographed with different shade of the water.

The Ladakh region is home to the Ladakhis mostly buddhist and you would find some great monastaries out here. It is amazing to find how the monks managed to have these monastaries build over the cliffs and mountains over here.

The magnetic hill which is believed to pull your vehicle up hill even in switched off condition is one more major attraction to people who visit Leh via Srinagar.

I have captured a lot of photograph here and am in the process of uploading them all, So do keep visiting my profile to have a glimpse of this marvellous place I visited. I will be really glad to hear out what you have to say about this place in case you have had the oppurtunity to be there or please feel free to ask me more about this place in case you wish to visit.

Photo credits: Ravi Kumar.

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May 30, 2011


Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

May 13, 2011


Hi all,

I am glad you liked the blog and the photographs.. Plesae keep checking my portfolio as I succeed in uploading related photographs.

May 13, 2011


Namaste, Ravi
I have been there three times, and really hope to return. You are very lucky; with a plane you can get there from Delhi in an hour. Or enjoy the Manali-Leh route, marvelous!
Looking forward to see your images!

May 12, 2011


Your trip to Leh sounds incredible. I will have to add it to my places to visit. It looks like an area of stark beauty. I particularly like the tree and the camel image. Thank you for sharing!

May 12, 2011


Great photos - it's always refreshing stepping out of thinking stereotypes!

May 11, 2011



May 11, 2011


Wow! Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing!

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