Visit to London

I'll spend my next Easter holidays in London and I'm so excite to shot a lot of photos of typical or unusual (better if I got the second ones) places, things, etc.

I hope most of theese pictures wera approved and you could see them on lines as soon I had uploaded.

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens.

Your article must be written in English



Hope you get lots of good photos!!!!!


i was in London recently for the weekend. I was only shooting on film, for a college assignment, but i got some amazing shots. St. Pauls Cathedral is a must! Also, on my last day i did a walk round London, and wish i had done it on my first day! The tour guide showed all these little hidden places i would have never found by myself. They have them all over London, this one wa sonly 6 pound and lasted 2 hours...

Anyways, have a great holiday! its a fab city!


Enjoy the holiday and you will have plenty to take photos of in London.


Have a nice holiday and we're waiting to see your photos!

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