Visiting London in July to see Michael Jackson

I am too excited about the recent announcements by Michael Jackson about his comeback concerts. I had missed the opportunity to see my idol live in India when he had the HIStory concerts going on, since I was a kid. My parents found it very costly and risky to send me to the concerts at that time. But then as a child as a fan by desire to see my idol live has been eating me. It started harassing me more since I entered this field of entertainment where I do my job as a singer, composer and songwriter. Since I run a fanclub authenticated by once official site of Michael Jackson and also authenticated by his music label,

I also have a chance to meet him backstage, since that fits the rules of any event management company. Apart from that MJ's own representatives might be aware of the support song I made for him during his trial called - "The Michael Jackson Anthem" which recently recorded its 1 millionth download. I will be carrying documents for that. I have also made it through the PRESALE thingie which entitiles me to buy 4 tickets before the official sales starts. Great risk that I will be taking before going through the VISA process I guess.

Nevertheless, there is another reason why I am excited to visit London. I might just end up meeting photographers from DT there since I am staying for 10 - 15 days. I am staying at my friends place. I will surely like to meet fellow photographers from London who will be interested in meeting me as well. Unfortunately, I cannot afford EUROPE visa at the same time. I am already doing everything of my expense majorly on credit card and cannot add debts. Otherwise I had earlier a plan to visit Europe and UK together and give a visit to the DT office. Nevertheless, there will be next time that I travel just for Europe. :)

Wish me luck not just for attending the concerts but that I meet my IDOL in person in hotel or backstage!!!! I hope my hardwork and success as a fan of him should now be fruitful finally.

P.S BTW.... All the photos on this site are my photos and not Michael Jackson anywhere. I have made the graphics / photos from my own performances.

Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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Have fun. When I was a kid I went to see a MJ concert back when he still toured with his brothers! It was a good show...


Hope you have an awesome time - know you will! Love all the images in this blog!


Oye Lucky Lucky Oye ;)


Wish you luck, Nikhil!
You seem to be his biggest fan!
All the best and have great time there!


Best wishes Nikhil to meet Jackson and shoot London.
Have a nice journey.


Good luck Nikhil, have fun and enjoy your lifelong dream.


Wish you success, hope all the effort you are putting pay off well.

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