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Time goes very fast and one more year is near to its close when we will evaluate our achievements or events occurred for 12 months and contrive something for next year. I’m a doctor pediatrician living in Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Ukraine. Creation of website about children’s healthcare with articles understandable and useful for moms and dads is in my to do list for next year. Childhood is divided into the age specific periods and my project will be about children of the first year of life as the most important period for both infants and their parents especially when baby is first.Visual materials certainly will be needed for the evidence and I’m already thinking about where to look for the proper pictures.

Stock agencies with their abundant collections are the best source for sure. Contributing to some of them I’m going to spend my royalties on the pictures or to convert. I think I would set my choice on Dreamstime (DT below) for several reasons – this is the friendliest agency among others where I’m contributing to (1), this is the most open for discussion agency in case I would have issues while licensing pictures or converting fee (2) and what gets the principal value the agency very well supports amateur photographers as expressive and real pictures about babies’ health are mainly produced by their parents who are usually not professionals in photography (3). DT’s week point is their search service complicated by plenty of irrelevant results and I’m ready to be on a time consuming process while searching.

I’ll try to describe shortly the topics of my project and the visual contest that would be searched.

Pregnancy. In spite of this section will be about critical periods of prenatal growth and their further influence on infants’ health state my clear message will be that any child is produced by two persons – man and woman, and each of them is responsible equally for the health of their baby(s). I would need a good photo of a healthy and self-reliant couple where woman is pregnant and her partner is proud of being a father. DT’s search engine gave only 66 photos for “pregnant woman with proud husband” and I was able to find an appropriate image when “proud” was excluded from the search words. I’ve noted this image ID:

Pregnant woman and husband

Newborn baby. Growth and development in the infancy stage. Newborn innate reflexes, conditions and size of bregmatic fontanel, head and chest circumferences, evaluation of infant’s weight and body length, temperature measurement, sitting without parents’ help, first teeth, first steps, babies’ emotional reactions – all these relates to the topic and could be well captured by parents.

DT’s search gave 33 results for newborn reflexes with just 2 relevant photos, only photo for newborn bregmatic fontanel, 315 results for baby head and chest circumferences where just 3 photos were relevant to the chest measurement and images about measurement of head circumference were absent at all. The agency has very good collection while searching for baby weight, but quite modest for infant body length. The most abundant collection with 3996search results is for infant emotions. There are the related pictures and I’ve noted their IDs:

Newborn grasp reflex:

baby reflex

Evaluation of bregmatic fontanel:

Smiling baby and an adult's hand.

Evaluation of chest circumferences:

Measuring child

Baby’s weight:

Baby on scales

Baby’s body length:

Doctor measure the size of a Baby

Baby care and nutrition. Baby care starts when mom and newborn(s) arrive at home from birth centre. I would need a photo of a convenient cot standing in a parents’ bedroom next to their bed on a light place but aside on possible draughts and distantly from direct sunshine and central heating. Newborns are very sensitive to these surrounding factors. Proximity to the parents is extremely important for their nervous system and in the sequel for mental health as well. Not an easy task to find such a picture on DT. Available photos mostly demonstrate cots standing lonely in an empty and something inanimate room. I’ve noted this one but would search once again:

A crib in a baby room interior

The niche related to baby care images is also unfilled on DT. I’m calling parents to capture taking care of umbilical wound, washing baby’s eyes and face, combing hairs, bathing, cutting nails, giving massage and to involve dads in the scenes.

Mother cleaning eyes of a newborn baby

What about baby nutrition so breast feeding is main message. DT has very good collection of related images with 4425 search results.

Breast feeding two little sisters twin girls

I would like to advise not to shoot pacifiers, baby’s dummies, latex nipples, feeding from bottle as all the mentioned things are attributes of artificial baby feeding that is legally restricted for popularization and advertizing in many countries. This may leave such content just not viewed. Capture babies being fed from cups or spoons when breast feeding is impossible.

Children’s diseases. Treatment. Very specific topic and very special content would be needed. The main idea could be described through this expressive picture where baby boy with severe chickenpox rash is calm as though he completely believes that doctor and parents would do their best for his recovery.

Child with chicken pox

I will look for similar images for various respiratory infections especially accompanied with rash including most dangerous meningococcemia as respiratory infections are most often diseases in babies of the first year of life. Per my search this topic is a huge gap in stock photography.

Some points about treatment. Prescribed drugs are restricted by law for advertising in many countries so focus on babies’ – parents’ emotions or their interactions with doctors while capturing treatment scenes. This is very important to point out that baby’s cure should be prescribed and oral treatment forms should be given by nurse or parents. Do not shoot babies playing with pills or taking them on their own. Such cases are ending tragically in reality and such photos are not about children’s healthcare but mainly about photographers’ ethics.

Baby getting nebulizer treatment

Blogs. I would intent to keep my site alive and blogs are the best for such a purpose. I would need an expressive photo of parents in discussion sharing their experience and a good photo for professionals in children’s healthcare to encourage colleagues in blogging. Not that easy as well. I’ve noted this image but also would search once again:

Doctor writing medical records

Some words about pediatricians in modeled scenes. Children’s doctors have to communicate not only with moms and dads but sometimes with grandparents from each party being convincing with all of them. Such personal qualities are developed through proper life and working experience. So, quite a young person with stethoscope made as a doctor examining baby looks ridiculous. Never really confident pediatrician is looking like a mom’s friend or dad’s buddy. Many children’s doctors are very good at communicating with babies nonverbally. Take this into account while choosing models.

Doctor's office

Thanks for reading.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo credits: Deymos, Ia64, Gabriela Insuratelu, Imagepointphoto, Ir1972, Sandor Kacso, Niderlander, Pavla Zakova, Phartisan, Alexey Poprotskiy, Riopatuca, Vitalinko.

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