The voting has begun for Assignment

I know it's probably nothing new for most people here. But to me it's very exciting since I'm relatively new here. I have 3 photos in this month's health care category and I am already very happy since it's the first time entering an assignment. My photos are slightly different in that most health care photos are from a third person viewer. Mine are from the perspective of the patient. Whether that makes it a good stock photo, only time will tell.

And if you like these, please give me a vote. I know this may sound like an election campaign...hehehe Good luck to everyone. The photos in this month assignments are very good. Thanks in advance.

Photo credits: Retina2020.

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February 21, 2008


Hey David. I found it confusing also. It turns out that there are 5 dreamstime logos under each photo. Starts with a faded one at the left and a more distinct one at the right. When you put your mouse pointer on top of the logo and number will appear representing your rating you want to submit for the given photo. You can rate 1 (logo farthest left) to 5 (logo on the right). This isn't really a user friendly way of voting I can agree.

February 21, 2008


I've browsed the entries - but I can't figure out how to vote.

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