Voting Time Again,

Well due to my over load of work wasn't able to take part in the last two assignments. Well this around 129 images have been approved for the assignments. I just cast my vote for all the images, this time only few images got 5 (don't know if I was in hurry or something really was missing)

Well folks please vote for the fellow contributors, vote every image, every images do deserve a vote.

I always loved the illustrations of Seema Illustrator here illustrations are colorful and appealing, (even though its not a full time profession but great quality) Other illustrators I like are KORAT_CN



In photographers the list a big one, Anke Van Wyk, Assignments, Bradcalkins, Winzworks, Noonie and many more,

I have seen few new photographers than the regular submitters, all in all a good assignment, sad I'm not part of the assignment team. There are few more good designers around if participated can spice up the assignment. DT should send a reminder email to all the eligible contributors so we can feel the heat of the moment.

Well anyways do not forget to vote and promote fellow contributors. Here are few of my favorites.

Photo credits: Vasilis Akoinoglou, Anke Van Wyk, Brad Calkins, Chris Kruger, Charlotte Leaper, Sarah Van Der Heijden, Carla Francesca Castagno, Makarova Olga, Molly Williams, Pro777, Roberto Giovannini, Seema_illustrator, Pavalache Stelian.

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All the three winners are featured here in this blog, Congrats to all the winners and good luck to others in next assignment. The cute looking Cambodian kid was placed last, that's unfair.


thank you for this blog it helps everyone know that even if you did not submit you can still vote. thanks for using my image


Great images, all of them! Good luck!


Thank you for using my photo in your blog, and good luck to everyone!


Thank you for mentioning my photo. There are a lot of great illustrations for this particular theme, in addition to the photos - hard to decide!


Thank you friend! And good luck to everyone! Rob.


Hey i'm thrilled to get compliments from you. Thanks for your support


Hi there! Thanks for using my photo and reminding everyone to vote! Good luck to everyone.


thanks for mentioning me and my illustration. Let the best win!


Thanks for your support !
Really glad that my illustration is on your list :)
Good luck to all fellow contributors :)


Beautiful pictures and illustration:)


They are all great! Good luck to everyone!

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