Vue the Infinite

Hi all,

I just wanted to post some very basic information/tutorials here on using the 3D software Vue Infinite 6.5 to create your images...more for illustrators than photographers, but all are welcome.

I created this very basic, but effective image with Vue commercial version (5 minutes to set up - 20 minutes to render):

© Paulus

If you've never heard of Vue (and I've only been using it avery short time, so am still a learner) you will find full personal learning edition on their website: PL Edition means you can't do anything 'commercial' with the resulting images (sell your images on Dreamstime, etc), but it's definitely worth a look if you want to spend some time with it.

Some basic tutorials to follow. But you can start by running off to the link above and getting your hands on some free software.

NB: Blender is also another 3D software solution which gives great results with time and effort:

Photo credits: Paulus.

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