W00t I chilled you too much?

In my previous blogs I showed my winter pictures. You were chilled! This is not good. I feel you deserve some heating instead.

I found this nice thermometer in the Death Valley, in the shadow. Look close. This is real. No joke.

It was not the most warm point, in the dunes above the valley, the wind was literally scorching my skin.

I report - no problems with battery, I kept my camera inside the bag a lot because the nasty black was getting really sizzling.

Nice heating at the winter's end, folks :)

Photo credits: Tomdraug.

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Well, I wish I lived in a warmer climate...
To the point :D


Not quite as warm here, but we have our share of warm weather. Nice pic.


Hi buddy, this quite common here in this part of the world, Most of the time we are at the extreme 50 plus.

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