Everyday i learn something new about photography from other photographers,from this site,articles ,blogs,tutorials,forum and i think and hope i am on a good way and soon i will increase my sales...now i just wait

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,and wait....to have my new pending files approved..i just cant wait to have all...or at least 90% online on site..To show i did learning something from this site.What u do when u wait and not have patience?

Photo credits: Jostein Hauge.

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November 01, 2008


Thanks ,you have a great portfolio too,wish u luck too

November 01, 2008


Thank you all for ur comments....today i was more busy and i didnt had time to think at waiting:)

November 01, 2008


indeed, the waiting is sooo harsh.....
but this gives us the time to work on new ideas..

btw - you have a great portfolio :-)
Good luck :-)

October 31, 2008


What am I doing?
Usually pressing the "F5" button or play some games,or go out and enjoy!
Be patient with your photos,you will get downloads.
That is what other photographers told to me.
And now I'm starting to believe to it.
I'm still waiting for my first download,and I'm not losing fate.
U just need to be patient-that's what they sad to me and they were totally right!
Sorry for this long answer!
Wish u luck and many sales!

October 31, 2008


Upload every day and you'll have results every day. Hope they are all approved !
Good luck!

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