Waiting for approval today

Nothing serious...I'm just waiting, clicking in every 10 minutes and waiting, and clicking....I decided to try to upload a serie about my Portugal photos, because as I can see, my portfolio is chaotic a little (I must start somewhere, next will be Czech Republic, if I have time enough).

Now I have two more approved photos from Lagos, a fantastic little town in south-Portugal, others are still awaiting for approval - or correction. :)

Thank you for your time if you take a look at them, I hope I have some more shot in this week. Have a good evening as I have. :)

Just a little secret: you do not need expensive DSLR for shots like these - these have been taken with a compact Casio cam, and I only did noise-reduction and some contrast/levels modification, nothing more.

Photo credits: Aginger.

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waiting for approval is very tense, every time I wait for approvals, I think of my school days how teacher would read our marks out in class. its the same feeling.


Noonie, not really...I could hold the button in Portugal for years...unfortunately I live in an other country :/
Komar - well, with my Pentax the postprocessing is much-much easier and quicker, but as you can see, a compact cam can be used also.
Unfortunately, I can't go back with it now...maybe next year ;)


Good to hear about the camera thing. I've been think about getting a new camera, I have an slr but it's not top of the range. I do like the camera though, thinking about just getting a new lens instead.


Is your finger tired yet? Pretty water!

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