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Hi all,

I am new to DT... and two weeks ago I uploaded my 1st 50 illustrations. Most of them were accepted within a week, I uploaded additional formats (.eps) as well just a few days ago.... No sales yet. I'm not bragging, I have a decent portfolio waiting to be updated but I 'm having second thoughts... I will not upload another file until i see some sales..:) Or should I upload more so I increase my exposure? How about you ? How soon did you start having downloads after your initial submission(s)?

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September 02, 2009


I am in the same situation. I also uploaded additional format eps but no results. I can not see eps file available online. Its big nonsence to sell vectorgraphics without eps or ai files available. I do not know what to do. I think I will wait about couple of days for change and then I will leave this site permanently.

May 03, 2008


Hi, I am on several different stock sites and I have found that, for me, 200 is a magic number. After 200 uploads, I have found that sales increase quite a bit. Don't give up on just 50 images, keep uploading and the sales will come. You have some really good images, give it a bit more time and effort and you will be rewarded for your hard work. I have had the most success at this site in a relatively short period of time. Illustrations do very well here. Good luck.

April 05, 2008


Fresh and original ideas are what will sell your illustrations. The hearts with tendrils and the abstract scrolls have been done a thousand times. Even though my join date is September, I really didn't start loading until December, and first sale a few days after that.

That music illustration with the yellow starburst (presently your most viewed) is nice. Maybe go in that vein. Also do some analysis on what sells. Just because you think it's pretty doesn't mean a customer will need it. A portfolio of a thousand will not matter if the market doesn't need it or find it desirable. There are some good illustrators here who have a portfolio as low as 200, yet their stuff sells over and over because they have a unique look, and their illustrations project a clear message.

Also take a good look at your keywords, titles, and descriptions. In this image
 Baners and scrolls vector 
Banners is spelled wrong in the title and does not even appear in the keywords.

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