Waiting for a real winter.

This year winter in Gdansk, Poland is light and heat. I do not like this aura. Everywhere mud and gray. People sneeze sneak in a hurry. Almost no one is walking. It is hard for a good subject to photograph the urban landscape.

I am looking out the winter such as in 2010.

People walked along the river Motlawa.

Frost squeezed so hard that you could walk on the frozen canal. Directly in front of famous Gdansk Crane.

Such a winter like this in 2010 I love. Despite the cold, the topics on the photographs themselves are pushing against the photographer's eyes.

only a few people like that woman below, watched for the coming spring.

Only birds do not enjoy this winter, you need to help them survive, Swans fatten them, because for decades do not fly away for the winter from Polish to warm countries.

Photo credits: Krzysztof Janczewski.

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Best regards New Hampshire! :)

Today in Gdansk -14 celsius, Oh Yes! :)


I agree! Enough of this rain and ice! Here in skiing country in New Hampshire, USA we have bare ground showing through a thin cover of ice and snow. Last year we were buried.


Today in Gdansk also snowing. I like it. I really like to walk in these conditions with my camera;)

Best regards Romania and Krakow :)


in riga too light snowing, and temperature drops. today on morning was -9 celsium, on next week prediction drop to minus 15 - 16 celsius. today i ride to work on my everyday road bicycle. seems not so good, as it without snow, but anyway better than walking :D


Today in Krakow it started snowing:)


Have faith. Romania is under snow after 2 months of a long waiting .


Photos above are from 2010, then winter in Gdansk lasted very long and the temperature dropped to -20 degrees Celsius.

Latvia is a beautiful country, I was in Riga in 2008.

Best regards to Mexico. :)


Weather has changed too much, In Mexico we are suffering the worst drought in the last 72 years. I had the opportunitty to travel to Los Angeles and Big Bear for New Years Eve, and it was terrible, Los Angeles was hot and in Big Bear they usually have 50 cms of snow, this year they only had 3 to 5 cms.


in last decades climate is not so good, as it is when i was ayoung boy ( about first half of the 80´ ). there winter come only a ~week ago. until this ( even on christmas and new year! ) temperature is approx 0 celsium, and snow dissapear fast. normal for latvia, is temp approx -5 / -10 celsium from mid of december.... in this year -6 celsium hits only approx few days ago :

PS in city always not so funny to take shots. force is out of city, in suburban area :)

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