Waiting for the Sun to Set - Dreamstime

Last evening I went to a friend's massage business to shoot their first anniversary party. It was a great time with lots of nice people, great food and beer.

On the way home I decided to stop by a beach and shoot the sunset for a project I'm working on. And, as you may know, the sunset takes awhile, but I found the time spent standing on the boardwalk very productive. I took the time to think about some relationships, past and present, and really contemplate what happened and what might. I really studied the water and the way it moved and the light played on it. I went through my camera menu and tried some different settings I have never used. And I just relaxed a bit.

It seems that working full time and having several side jobs writing and shooting pictures I am always on the run or thinking about where I need to be next. It was nice to have that time on the boardwalk watching the sunset and just enjoying the moment. Perhaps there is a lesson here?

Photo credits: Pestisbest, Sang Lei.

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December 31, 2011


Nice bit of philosophy. A good thread to follow. Thank you and best woshes for the whole of 2012.

October 06, 2011


Beautiful photos :-)

October 05, 2011


nice image.

October 03, 2011


Great photos!

October 03, 2011


Beautiful pictures, congratulations!

October 03, 2011


Always good to find a reason to stop and reflect. Beautiful pics!

October 03, 2011


Stunning image!!

October 03, 2011


Beautiful images, congratulations!!!

October 03, 2011


Beautiful view !

October 02, 2011


Beautiful sunsets!

October 02, 2011


Lovely shots ! Some of the simple, free things in life are the best :o)

October 02, 2011


Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

October 02, 2011


Yes, when you take time to relax, you become more aware of your surroundings and you can appreciate them more. At least, I've found that to be true for me. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time on the boardwalk. :)

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