walking on a dream

I started my trip here around 6 months ago and went through some great moments (although haven't sold alot yet) and some bad ones or frustrating,but it's not all about selling,for someone like me who has just started with photography;it was more about learning,look how to take a good picture and so on.

I saw some improvements since that time,but I even know I'll still have lots of work to do and always ready for it.

So last week went out for a walk on the mountains around my house,not far from Venice (if someone know,we're even celebrating the carnival during this period...will show some pictures soon) and saw some amazing landscape,all covered in snow as it's during winter time,kind of cold too,my hands were freezing...so here it's some of this walk:

1) this landscape with one of the ancient forest of all the Europe,it's in Belluno

2) some fresh snow

© Yuritz

3) a bunch of small pines

© Yuritz

4) the alpine hut where I went to find some comfort

© Yuritz

5) finally the forset buring under the sunset

© Yuritz

well,as I always say,thank for all of you who stop by to take a look to my photos,take the time to read my blogs and everyone who's around for the same reasons as me: first and over all the happiness on taking photos!

thanks and CIAO!

Photo credits: , Yuritz.

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ciao Yuri. first grazie for visiting my blog to make a comment.
i am not a big fan of winter, ... only a big fan of someone who took pictures of winter. lol.
the view of the last shot looks like a fun place to be. .. during the summer, of course :)


thanks Hlehnerer and Noonie;I like it too,even because the landscape looks even more wild while covered in snow


I love to walk in the snow, think, look, and capture, also! Nice!


Beautiful image!


agree with you Frantab01 and thanks!


congratulations :) sometimes stock photography is very frustrating but also challenging and i can speak for myself but i've learnt so much from rejections and fellow photographers here on DT
well done and keep it up :)


thanks Antoinettew,will upload them soon! :)


You have made some beautifull pictures. I love your country for its nice landscapes. Looking forward to your Venecian carnival photo's.


yes,there are some great,or amazing,places in Italy! :)


Nice images, looks lovely where you stay.


Beautiful photos :)


thank you Justmeyo!


Very nice photos:)Wish you luck in sale!

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