Want some comments...

I just want some comments on my accepted photos to improve myself or skills. If you have time to give a little comment, good or bad still okay, I will be very grateful!!

P.S. I just have 4 photos online now...

1 )




If you have more time, please state the photo number ( 1,2,3,4) for the comment. Thanks very much for all these !!

Photo credits: Ting890.

Your article must be written in English





I agree with Irisangel, if DT have accepted your photos, they must be good. As far as I can see they look great. Best of luck with sales and more acceptances.


I agree with Irisangel.Great start


On photo #2, the giraffe, I would like to see the lines or wires removed. This can be easily achieved in PhotoShop with the clone and patch tools. Most of us are not lucky enough to photograph these beautiful animals in their natural habitat, however with careful cropping and cloning it is helpful to remove distracting and obvious zoo objects. Also, try a larger aperture (smaller f/number) to blur the background (again to reduce notice of fences, walls and such) and direct the focus to the animal. Hope this helps, be patient, keep shooting and have fun. Cheers, Marilyn


you pics are great, keep it up the good work.


4 online and one sale! Congrats! Just keep uploading and the sales will follow. As far as critiquing, if they were accepted here at DT, rest assured, they must be good. Good luck in the future.

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