Wanted: National Defense, Patriotic & Military Related Images

My husband and I have worked for a defense contractor almost all of our lives so understandably enough, this area is near and dear to my heart. I also noticed, just in my own PF that images in this category have the highest views [sadly though, I can't say the same for downloads :( ] Anyway, I was playing around with Collections and actually started one for this category. But I would like to include what you, DTers who actively participate in the discussions, consider to be your best in this category. So if you would like for me to add your images to this collection, please comment back with your image IDs. And since I'm new to putting together a Collection, let's begin with your best three?

Hey, perhaps this collection will make it in time for designers working on their 4th of July project, hmmmm...

Thanks and I look forward to your image IDs.

Photo credits: Jennifer Pitiquen.

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Here is an image of a Douglas R4D Skytrain. It was flown by the U.S Navy in WWII.

 Douglas R4D Skytrain - Propeller Airplane 


hello! I have a good military image for you.. a proud mom has a son finally home from deployment in afghanistan. This is actually an older uniform from guard.. but you know! so here it is[imgl]http://www.21114509[/imgl]
yes I am the proud mom!


Wow just got my first ever download from Dreamstime on one of the headlines. That was fast.Whoever it was Thanks!


Jvecc1, you are so sweet! I wish you more surprises today!!!


Jeni I "Thank You" . It was your search and request that refreshed my memory as to having these items. YOu deserve the credit. Im just pleased they will find a good use in your collection. Also a thanks to the reviewers at Dreamstime. They made these available in unbelievable record time.

Enjoy and Preserve



Wow, perfect additions to our Collection, great job, Jvecc1. I can see these being your bestsellers! Are you going to submit photos of your trains? I would if I were you!


   Historical World War Headlines   Thank You Thanatonautii, Just when I was getting discouraged by rejections, I am a novice, I recieve notice and compliments that encourage. Seven surprises today from Dreamstime. I have many original items that have been passed down, not that I like them but more out of respect and preservation as to what once was in our World and Nations History. I even have a set of Pre-War and Post War Lionel Trains. Big Trains.

I appreciate your compliments

Thanks Again


Jvecc1 those newspaper pictures are great...I can`t believe you have something like that in original. Good job for keeping them! :)


Morning All

Jeni much to my surprise all six of my submitted World War frontpage headlines newspaper submissions have been accepeted by Dreamstime! Nice wake up surprise. I have searched for items like mine but these seem to be the only submission to be around. Hope these help you out. MInd you these are 100% original passsed down to me by family.

Thank You


Still learning the ropes.


Goodness — this is right up my ally!
Although I must admit that the images that I have been able to capture are more "historic" images, as they are for the most part SAAF museum [South African Air Force] aircraft. But I think that they fit the bill nonetheless. These are but just a few of the images that are already included as pat of my portfolio:
13811533 , 14196154 , 8539837 , 14238101 , 8540315 , 14427467 , 14285157 , 14238595 , 14196049 , 14073221 , 14071970 , 14042523 , 14041210 , 13979704 , 13906798 , 13891711 , 13891692 , 13887130 , 13887100 , 13811700 , 12930529 , 12833366 , 10026343 , 9240054 , 8716045 , 8689923 , 8540225 , 8540264


@ Cmarshall717 & Bradcalkins: I've added your images. I appreciate your participation.

Thanks again to everyone who have responded so far. Please indulge me if I am sounding emotional here, but the images you shared and the related images within your PFs stirred my heart and once again reminded me that indeed, freedom is not free!


Thanks for considering these three of mine. I have several others. You can check my portfolio or message me and I'll provide IDs if you are interested. Here are my three:

ID 8480098:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

ID 3161351:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

ID 3159502:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 


How about these two for Canada:

 Canadian Forces 
 RCMP Parade scene 


Thanks, Abpics, I've added your image to the collection. I appreciate the contribution and that piece of information. That's one of the big things I like about DT, I get exposed not only to photography stuff but also to a host of other information. I've learned something new today from you, Abpics.

@Wisconsinart: I added yours as well for that touch of patriotism. Thanks!

Now, let me try Thanatonautii's tip and combining it with Mani's to take out the "r" after the img on the code.
 US Flags 


I don't know if this one will qualify, but it's the only one I have that comes close. Thanks for looking if it doesn't work for your collection. :-)

Image # 10736372

 Gun Safety Instructor 


Thanks for adding my pictures to your collection! :)
When you want to add a picture to your message you should press the icon from above that is for " Insert image". And in the box that opens you should write the file id of the picture you want to add. But make shore you erase first that :http/ stuff :)
Good luck! I hope it helps!


Jeni I just got done uploading 6 of them but who knows if Dreamstime will accept them. I did nothing to enhance them but I will say they are quite historical. They are as Editorials since i was not sure if these can be submitted as regular rf. I chose not to enhance then since I did not want to create any loss of their originality. Still a novice but working at it.

I have no idea how long it will take to get them up and available BUT I will submit them immediatly if Dreamstimes put them in my unfinshed folder.


Thanks for the responses so far, below is the link to that Collection in the making:

@Joe - thanks for the compliment.

@Thanatonautii - You have quite a few good ones, thumbs up to you. But I went with your three picks, see above link.

@Mani - thank you for the well wishes. hey, i hope this plants a seed that can inspire you to do an illustration in this area?

@Amilevin - Added yours as well, pls see link. Sorry, that too is my problem, how to attach an image to a comment, perhaps Thanatonautii can teach us :)

@Jvecc - I look forward to that 1941 newpaper photo--that'll be a neat addition to this Collection.


Well here is what I have. Original Newspapers from 1941 reflecting front page activity of the World War. The Newspapers are fragile, a bit faded and yellow with time but legible. I am in the process of making photographs but I will not alter or enhance them in any way. Still a bit new to Dreamstime I will try to do my best but I hope Dreamstime understands that what I will submit IS the original quality. I kind of dont expect Dreamstime to accept them since they have very high standards which I respect and uinderstand but I will give it a try.
This is true World History I am sure few of todays generation have viewed.





I think I have 2 images that can be added:
(for some reason I can't present them - can someone tell me how (the insert image doesn't work)

Good luck.


I have no military or related illustrations! But good luck in your collection & sales! Cheers :)


Hey! Great idea! I have a lot of military related pictures, you`ll just have to choose what you like :)
I live you 3 samples here, and thank you!

   Soldiers looking with attention   

   Soldiers bringing peace   

   US Humvee on patrol   


Your collection so far is a good one (and forget about downloads. . . . . they are just an additional bonus)

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