War seen through a photograph and video

I was thinking about the world war movies when this thought struck me about some difference between photography and video on the world war. Of course besides world war, we can relate this two subjects together almost frequently to always if its news related.

Having seen black and white clips and movies of war, it showed cruelty and gore. It shows how the story unfolds and how progress was made with each passing second.

On the other yet, a photograph brought about a more engaging interaction between the viewer and itself albeit being a silent witness of the event.

When being shown a documentary, the viewer is lead to follow the sequential events that unfold and at the same time thinks a bit of the events why and how it happens. Sometimes the answer are provided in the clip itself.

However, a black and white photograph becomes an art form left to be guessed. The viewer finds answers in his own thoughts and perspective, each individual having his own individualistic perspective.

That, I think is the power of photography, it evokes the mind to infer and think. There is no right answer and a photograph speaks a thousand words, if not more.

Photo credits: Aronbrand.

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October 04, 2007


yup! we support our own kind, strive to be like the masters haha

October 04, 2007


Great photographers have always been masters of light and colors, It's about creating the ambience without a single word being communicated. The viewer is the observer,critique,judge or admirer

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