A Warm September Sunday at Corfe Castle UK

A Warm September Sunday

I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful corners of the earth, in the South of England. It doesn’t matter where you live in this country, you do not have to travel far to find somewhere of interest. It is steeped in History and boasts the most diverse and beautiful coastline.

I have had my brother staying with me for a while and he, unlike my husband, is interested in photography, although not quite as much as me.

I don’t often have the opportunity to take a day out to take photos, and I am quite restricted in how far I can travel as I have commitments that require me to be at home.

Anyway, a warm September Sunday, a few weeks ago I had a free day and so my brother and I decided to visit the small medieval town, Corfe Castle, located amidst the Purbeck Hills here in Dorset, about twenty five miles from home.

As you approach the town the first thing you see is its ancient castle standing tall, atop a very steep hill, on the outskirts of the town.

When we got into the town it was packed with visitors, and there was nowhere to park the car. We decided to try and find a vantage point on the outskirts.

We left the town by an uphill, winding road and drove for about a half mile, when we found a pull in, by the entrance to a field, where we could park.

We thought we would have a look to see if we could view the castle from there. We were in luck. It turned out that the land is owned by the National Trust and we are free to walk it. We were the only ones there and just around the corner from the gate, beyond a small hill the castle came into view.

A Panorama of Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle Panorama

We stood in awe. The view was breathtaking and, although we were a distance away we could see the whole castle.

Corfe Castle Middle Section

The fields around the castle, and, the hill on which the castle stands are home to several kinds of rare breed sheep. Some of them ignored us, but others were more inquisitive.

Corfe Castle

Inquisitive Black Sheep

Herdwick Sheep

Herdwick Sheep

We also spotted an interesting field mushroom nestled in the grass. It is a Parasol mushroom and is edible.

Parasol Mushroom

After a fun filled afternoon and taking hundreds of photos we set off for home thinking that, that was it for taking photos! And then, five minutes from home, we spotted these in the field and, to top it off, it was 'golden hour'. What a fabulous end to a great day.

Cylindrical Hay Bales

Cylindrical Hay Bales

Thank you for taking the time to read this story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Photo credits: Sarah Dowson.

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Great summer images of a wonderful place. Just a note of caution you mention the National Trust, they have very strict rules about photography.

From their web site

"Professional photographers
The National Trust does not permit photography or filming at its properties for commercial use or for reproduction in any form without consent from National Trust Images. Images taken at NT properties may not be submitted to photo libraries, agencies or on-line providers or provided directly to image buyers.
Commercial photography
All requests for permission to undertake commercial photography of any kind at Trust properties or locations should in the first instance be referred to:
Harvey Edgington, Head of Filming and Locations on +44 07956 312 238 or harvey.edgington@nationaltrust.org.uk
Editorial Photography - Permit Scheme

Eligible professional photographers can now acquire an annual license from National Trust Images to take photographs out of doors on pay-on-entry National Trust land for editorial use"


WOW! Love the rolling hills and panorama. Very nice :)


Lovely pictures Sarah. I live next county down from you - Devon and aren't we lucky having such glorious countryside and such diversity all around us


Sounds like a perfect Sunday adventure. I really enjoyed your travelogue and photos. T


Beautiful photos. Dorset is my favourite County.


I'm glad you were able to get out for an afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

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