Warning! Don't rely on your GPS in Vermont

One of my tricks for finding new places to photograph is to make a turn on some road I've never been on before and then rely on my GPS to bring me back home.

Warning! If you try this in Vermont or any other rural area make sure you have plenty food, water, a spare tire, a cell phone and cash.

In Vermont I've found that the GPS will direct you on to roads that any normal person would consider someone's driveway or an abandoned logging road, or perhaps even a hiking trail!

This weekend I headed out in a new direction and was pleasantly rewarded with an incredible late evening sight of brilliant fall foliage at a lake that I never knew existed.

That was fine and dandy but the route my GPS took me back to Woodstock, Vermont and the two lane highway known as route 4, was a white knuckler leap of faith. It took me up this skinny, skinning dirt road that I'd consider one lane considering the wash out on either side. It went up and up with forest on either side and with only the occasional farm house along the way.

I just prayed that know one in their right mind would be coming the other way because there was certainly no way to get two cars to pass on this road and there wasn't any place to turn around.

Finally the road peaked at the top of the mountain and started down until at one point I had to make a decision, which of these forks is most likely to be the road and not a driveway?

Eventually the road went from dirt back to good old asphalt pavement in the town of Woodstock. On such an adventure four wheel drive is a must as well as cash in case you need to tip a farmer for pulling your car out of the ditch with his tractor!

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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Cool, adventurous spirit, I like that!


if loose yourself into farmland makes you take this pictures... keep loosing... keep listen to your GPS! nice shots well done


Nice pics! Congratulation! Sometimes our hobby can be very adventurous.


Great images, congratulations!!!


great pics


Great pics! Congrats!


know what you mean, i live in upstate ny went to vermont and when heading home ended up in massachusetts. glad you got beautiful shots!


You got great images, and you were able to find your way home... : )


Great pictures! Congratulations!

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