Warning Strike - How to feel like a Reporter

A few days ago there was a warning strike in Nuremberg, Germany, directly before the start of the new collective bargaining with the Metalworkers’ Employers’ Association. Around 3000 workers took part at this short and peaceful strike.

What surprised me a lot: Obviously just because of my big camera I was treated by the guards like a reporter! I could climb the stage without any restrictions to make photos from a higher and better position - only a few steps besides the speakers from the trade union. Other photographers with big cameras were allowed to do the same - might be they were real reporters, might be they were just ambitious hobby photographers like me, who knows!

Here is the result:

© Jdanne

© Jdanne

© Jdanne

© Jdanne

Photo credits: Jdanne.

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Great job!


HeHe,Very great!


You are really great, you can change jobs ^ _ ^
Excellent pictures of reportage, really beautiful, congratulations!


Very good images! Regarding your experience, you have uploaded this pictures as editorial, so you effectively made a photoreportage.
However, in my country reporters are not always well regarded by the police and also often by the same demonstrators...


That's good. Sometimes its just your attitude and confidence that will get you where you need to be. You can also use the Jedi Mind tricks. ;-)

In other cases a smaller camera puts people at easy thinking you are a tourist instead of a professional.


Eh eh, that's funny :-) And obviously being elevated gave you a much better angle for your pictures.


Great captures! You know, DT has a press pass available that you might want to try and use if you find another event that you would like to photograph. Above all, be careful! You never know when you might get unwanted attention either from the attendents of the event or from police or security! Glad this mission was a success for you and good luck with your images!


A friend of my son had his SSD card confiscated and almost got arrested because he was interfering with police work at one of the Occupy demonstration. Now the truth is that he did interfere with the police work, putting himself always in the middle between police and demonstrators and did not stop doing this even after being asked few times to go away.

Both he and the camera are safe.


Nice images, great you were treated like a nice and good reporter, because they are not always welcome.

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