'A watched kettle never boils...'

Waiting for sales on Dreamstime is a fascinating thing. I am beginning to think that the old English saying of 'a watched kettle never boils' could have been created with DT in mind.

For those unfamiliar with peculiar English sayings, this one alludes to the belief that the act of watching a kettle boil will actually make it seem to take longer to do so!

Today was very much a case in point. Tuesday was a massive day for me in terms of sales here. I had 7 sales for a total of nearly $14, which for my portfolio of 234 images was very surprising and exciting.

But then, yesterday and today have been completely dead. Not a sniff of a sale all day yesterday... nothing overnight, and it wasn't looking good today either.

But then as soon as I leave the laptop alone for a couple of hours (I have been working today, and not just on the internet!) I come back to it to find my first sale in 2 days! Phew!

So my advice to those who may be desperately awaiting their next - or even first - sale is to take a break from the screen. Go shopping, watch a movie, if you get really desperate you could even do some work (last resort only), but try to get away from the computer and you never know... that earnings balance may just change while you are away... ;)

Photo credits: Stuart Key, Tatiana Nikolaevna Kalashnikova .

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July 19, 2007


So true...

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