A Watched Pot Never Boils!

Well, mine finally did.

Two days of watching... two days of being only $0.32 away from a next paycheck... this image did it, at 4 credits = $0.32+++++! I chuckled at my kids' and husband's reaction when I turned on the pc and aired an assertive, "YES!" They knew that that 'yes' marked the end of my two-day $0.32 mantra!

As a hobbyist, all sales I make here are special, but this particular one indulged me to a bonus milestone. You see, tomorrow marks my Year One of being a DT'er. There were two goals I wanted to achieve: (1) at least 365 uploads, and, (2) an AR of bleep-bleep % -- I'm embarrassed to say it because it's probably one that most fellow contributors here start with as a beginner. Let's just say it's the title to that Helen Reddy song that goes something like:

"Life is anyone's guess

It's a constant surprise

Though you don't plan to fall in love

When you fall...you fall

I'd rather have bleep-bleep percent of him

Or any percent of him

Than all of anybody else at all"

Both my goals were reached and this sale enabled me to say... "and oh by the way, paycheck #4 on its way!"

Again and again, many, many thanks to the supportive and friendly community here.

Thank you DT!

Thank you, buyers!

Photo credits: Jennifer Pitiquen.

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November 30, 2010


Nice photo, congratulations...

September 16, 2010


That could be a great feeling to reach both of your goals. Congratulations

September 16, 2010


Great job! My problem with shooting an image like the one you displayed it that I wouldn't be able to wait until I shot the watermelon before eating it...LOL! I do love my watermelon!

September 10, 2010


You have done it! Congratulations.

September 09, 2010


Nice photo - nice blog! Congratulations!

September 09, 2010


lovely images. Your 0.61 is same as mine.... but I love your creativity. David.

September 09, 2010


Congratulations.... Great!!!!

September 09, 2010



September 09, 2010


A very nicely written milestone blog :)

September 09, 2010


Congratulations! Great achievements for one year of DT! :)

September 09, 2010


Well done Jenni, you deserve it! ;)
Keep going my friend ;)

September 09, 2010


Well done Juvy, it's nice that you could tick all your goals as achieved!

September 09, 2010


Congrats Jennifer and Juvy :0)

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