Last weekend I went to the zoo... we had here such a good weather!.

I was impressed this time by the pray-birst. They were so fascinating!. At the zoo they made a demonstration how this birds behave and how they chase their food, it was amazing.

I could not get a shot of them flying because they were really fast!, but here is one look I will never forget ;)

Photo credits: Eugenia Garcia-valdecasas.

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Nice Golden Eagle. They have such magnificent characters. They're migrating south as we speak. :)


Yes they are pretty cool this birds!.
Charon haha yes really, and "he" (Cmarshall717 I take your gender) was actually a really joung one.
Cmarshal717: yes you are right!, I think I will come back tomorrow and let's see if I can get more of these!
Tweakhp: Wow you have really great pictures of prey birds, specially the Bald eagle is impresive!, do you use a Tele to photograph them too?.


Nice. the angry bear makes me sweating at my back.


Very nice shot! What an expression on "his" face. I say "his" because it almost looks human.


i saw the same thing at a birds of prey exhibit in British was amazing...check them out in my portfolio of you want

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