Water drop tutorial

This classic image is strewn across the stock community but seems to be a very popular image of choice for designers.

If you fancy having a go at creating an image like this but don't have the professional set-up or equipment to capture the image with camera then you should try this very simple yet very effective tutorial for photoshop to create the desired effect.

Water drop effect tutorial for photoshop

Remember to make the image bigger than the tutorial states though so you have the desired size that Dreamstime require for submission.

I also found that it helped to reduce the height by squashing it down to give a better effect.

Here's some great examples of great water drop sellers on dreamstime.

Have fun creating and let us all see what you create.

Photo credits: Konradlew, Yuri_arcurs.

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August 16, 2007


Antony, I only quickly took a look at the tutorial, but it seems to me that you can only create the water effect with it. Will still need to work extra to add the ripples and the drop itself.
Nevertheless, thank you, it's really helpful.

August 14, 2007


Hope you do and post your results here if possible?

August 14, 2007


Thanks for sharing the link, it will be intesrting to try it!

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