Watercolor art and exclusivity agreement

I had discovered the possibility of selling images using stock agencies in 2006.

I had found Dreamstime accidentally, then I made a deeper search and I found a lot of other stock web-sites which offer the opportunity of selling illustrations. I had studied these sites, I gave a look to the images on line, categories and payments. I had read contracts and terms of use of the main stock sites.

And at last I had chosen to be an exclusive contributor of Dreamstime.

Why? Because of watercolors. I love painting watercolors! And it's a good choice for me selling the exclusivity of these images to DT.

© Onda

I'm very surprised that only DT offers hand made artworks to his clients. The other stock agencies don't accept artistic, hand made illustrations!

Perhaps someone can think that only digital images sells well but I don't agree. There are thousands of art buyers and selling hand made paintings gives to Dreamstime an interesting category of beautiful artworks to buy.

Look at this collection of watercolors and artistic paintings and tell me if there aren't a lot of good pictures. So, artworks and paintings: why not?

If someone doesn't know what an exclusive contributor is I took this passage from Dreamstime terms page:

Exclusive contributors: An exclusive contributor is not represented by any other agency and will work solely with Dreamstime.com for selling their images. Exclusive contributors may, however, sell their other artwork on a photographer-to-client basis, under a work for hire contract, outside of this Agreement. Exclusive contributors shall receive sixty (60%) percent of the sale price received by Dreamstime.com for the exclusive images they have contributed to the site which are subsequently sold by Dreamstime.com, as well as a commission of $0.20 (twenty cents) for each submission uploaded and accepted by Dreamstime.com.

Dreamstime.com is under no obligation, however, to accept an exclusive contributor’s submissions and acceptance of images is at Dreamstime.com’s sole discretion. Dreamstime.com may terminate an Exclusive Contributor’s status at any time with no advance notice; an Exclusive Contributor may terminate their status as an Exclusive Contributor with thirty (30) days prior written notice to Dreamstime.com. If an Exclusive Contributor terminates this Agreement prior to the passage of six (6) months, Dreamstime.com reserves the right to recover all commission payments made to the Exclusive Contributor prior to the termination of Exclusive Contributor status. These payments include the upload bonus received after each accepted submission and the extra percentage earned by exclusive contributors.
© Miroux

Photo credits: Carla Francesca Castagno, Silvia Raffaella Formia, Mariagrazia Orlandini, William Rossin.

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You are a wonderful artist & Thank You for this information & I agree with you in the respects of offering choices such as your watercolors, which are absolutely wonderful examples displayed on your blog page here
Have a Great Day


You are a real Artist, Carla!


You are right!
Dreamstime is the best way to selling the images.
Ciao Sandra


Of course I can't say that NO other agency accepts hand made artworks, just the main that I checked. Carla


I love your watercolors :)
I didn't know other agencies don't accept handdrawn pictures. I'm glad I've found my place there on DT.


Some of these images are great, and they sell, as do the images in your PF, so yes why not. Well done.

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