The way to stock art and all about it...

Stock art is todays promissing way of living and working for many individuals as well as companies... Many people and companies also buy images, vector artwork or footage which fit their needs.

It becomes a very competitive industry and has approximately 20 milion potential buyers market which is growing.

I did my contribution and will continue to contribute because I think it will be one common way for many more people or companies in the future to sell or buy images, artwork or footage.

Only thing I do not like about stock agencies is over policing ways of submitting images. Some of them are making you think and work under their 'big picture' which is not always right picture...

It is a kind of introducing rules which are in some cases so stupid and way beyond any clear logic and common sense as some laws which will not last for long... About this matter I always say that stock art should be free market with demand - not with artificially created demand which appears to be case in todays law-and-order powered economy. Only what should any agency implement in their rules is that contributors submit higest possible quality images without any limitations on subject (except explicite sex and violence) and or technique. Market will differ good works and less good works itself and contributors who do not make it the way market dictates will wanish as well as policing praxis agencies.

You are welcomed as my guest in my portfolio on Dreamstime stock agency!

Photo credits: , MilsiArt.

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October 05, 2008


Wow.... The contributions are growing from day to day... I have 68 files (mostly vectors) pending review right this moment ;-)

May 30, 2008


NEW: “The Beginner’s Guide To Microstock Photography”

Click here for direct link to site

This could be a very nice basic and a bit more to all of people who are making early steps in microstock business. There are also some facts which can even help many of expirienced photographers.

May 12, 2008


Today I have found stock site which is stating that you may be contributor there only if you don't have any image on any microstock site... Very interesting when you know that microstock is one category of images and classical stock is completely different category of images... I do not understand why such agency is limiting its possible sales... But, they have right to make their own policy... As I've heard even Yuri Arcurs have contributed some images to one of the worlds most favoured traditional agency - so he is not limited only to that agency due to his microstock work as some of people are due to stupid rules...

May 03, 2008


Thank you Rebecca. I am glad to see more people has same opinion. It was very frustrating for me in the begining... But now when some agency rejects my work I just make my lol and continue further... I do not think that I should try to make my images fit to needs of any of agencies... I do my images and then mostly I have them sold to known buyer and only that what is already used and published I submit to stock... And those editors does not know that and they just do their work... And in number of cases they make wrong decisions - but they are humans - not machines ;-)

May 02, 2008


you have a nice portfolio, i understand what you are saying. it can be frustrating.

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