Ways to get one homemade reflex plate

Homemade reflex plate required below materials:


2. Big transparent tape.

3. Cardboard or foam board

4. Reflective cloth or tin foil. The commissions.the special reflective cloth, tin foil relatively easily broken.

© lzf

© lzf

Making method is very simple:

1. Used scissors to cut into cardboard or bubble board need size.

2. Use reflective cloth or tin foil stick full cardboard or bubble board a plane, then use large scotch tape comprehensive are sealed, reflex plate.it is made ready.

Because reflex plate.it need is diffuse light, reflective cloth or tin foil best after crumple wrinkly posted in the cardboard, so fill light downy, don't like a mirror of refraction-such.

In addition, also can use white foam plastics or white paper do reflex plate.it use. Their reflective ability of tin foil, but weaker than reflected light downier.

However, in order to ensure the quality, best buy a shot, use imported cloth in gold, silver, black, white and lambency layer five-in-one reflex plate.it is not expensive, need not when collecting on drinking bag inside, completely not occupy space, easy to carry.

Photo credits: Lzf.

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January 14, 2011


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