Ways to improve photography skills

New cameras, lenses and accessories open up the possibility of fresh adventures in photography. In reality though, most of us have to make do with what we’ve got, upgrading to new camera kit as and when we can afford it. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to help beginning and intermediate photographers improve your photography without splashing out on new gear.

Focus on what you can photograph rather than what you can't

It’s easy to walk away from a photo opportunity because you don’t feel your lens is long enough or wide enough, or you believe your camera’s continuous shooting speed is slow or its auto focus sluggish.

But learning to think around any potential barriers is how original photos are made. Instead of wishing for a 600mm lens for wildlife photography, see how you can frame an impactful shot with a wide-angle.

Rather than cursing your lack of an ultra-wide lens when photographing a sweeping coastal shot, take a series of frames and stitch them together later.

Read the manual

Reading your camera’s manual won’t help you improve your photography par se, but a bit of technical camera knowledge will make a difference to the aesthetic quality of your pictures in the long run

You’ll learn how to customize the controls of your camera so that you can react to situations faster.

Go small or go home!

By keeping a small capacity card in your camera, you’ll be forced to be more selective when it comes to pressing the shutter release, thus making use of each frame and making it count!

Overall be yourself! Originality comes from within

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January 12, 2016


Beautiful! Good luck on sales..

January 12, 2016


Beautiful small things are the best!

January 11, 2016


Your pics are just amazing. Love them all.

January 11, 2016


Love that first landscape wow!

January 10, 2016


Your second photo is awesome!

January 09, 2016


Make the best of the gear you own. I agree.... And you finally upgrade you will appreciate the improvements. But first out grow your gear.

January 06, 2016


I follow your work and always surprise me ideas. Congratulations!

January 04, 2016


Good post

January 04, 2016


I think another great way to improve your photography would be to try taking on macro photography, or without a macro lens, some general close ip shots. Macro photography has definitely improved my understanding on composition and making effective use of depth of field, as there is so little of it! For those without a macro lens, I would definitely recommend using a reverse lens mount, which can really be had for cheap.

January 04, 2016


Very distinctive angle of view. Beautiful !

January 04, 2016


Good luck and the best wishes to you!

January 03, 2016


Well your doing something right looking at the many sales you have on such new images, some only a few days old and most have one sale already, good luck with your chosen methods.

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