We do love to Moan about the weather but its driving me mad, two weeks on the Isle of Arran of rain and now every weekend Rain Rain Rain. I was reading an article the other day about a Landscape Photographer who loves the rain who watches people pack up and then gets his best shots. I must be missing something as all I get is rain on my lens all the time and this ruins my shots. So the plan is to spend this weekend in Liverpool to see what I can shoot but under the safety of my umbrella ella ella. Unless any one has some good tips for rain on Lenses !!!

So fingers crossed for some sun for the weekend and lots of nice stock shots.

Photo credits: Matthew Hart.

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Thanks guys, Littledesire how cool is that blue sky and rain make great stock if you could keep the rain of your lens !! Thanks


Hi Matthew, having been to England (Liverpool as well as other cities) but living in South Africa, I can sympathise but cant offer any advice when it comes to rain. What I can say is when the sun does come out, you have wonderful landscapes to photograph, and I see from your PF you make the best of the good weather, nice images. The brolly does not sound like a bad idea to me :0)


Hope you'll have a better weather for shooting!

Here's a story from yesterday: It was sunny and hot morning and all of a sudden it started to rain. I got to the window and looked up - there was not even one cloud on sky. Plain blue sky with heavy rain ?!? Maybe you won't believe it but the whole city is talking about what they all saw ...

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