In my country, there are only two kind of weather, hot days and rainy days. Sometimes I find weather in a way can be very frustrating, it stops you from going out into the rain and shoot, creates a flat and dull photograph with no contrast and worst still is to get the camera wet and risk mould developing.

Yet, I always got to try and think positive about what to do with it when its really wet and humid out there. Rain provides an opportunity to create a different landscape with water streaks across the frame if beautifully done. (of course shelter your camera and tripod!)

The aftermath of rain I can only hope there is a rainbow somewhere but not very often seen! The other is to go for the droplets on plants, windows and everywhere that you can find them.

That is why after sometime, I am inspired to go macro and have decided to counter rain and invest in it by building my 'arsenal' with a simple close up adapter using the raynox dcr250.

Macro (droplets especially)- here I come!

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now i know what to bring...a plastic bag like you! never thought of it..haha lightweight and efficient!


I have found that the best shooting days are the overcast days. When the sky is overcast, we don't have the sun bleaching out the landscapes. But, I always carry plastic bags and an umbrella, just in case nature decides it wants to turn and doesn't want me out there!

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