Weather effect.

Does weather affect on you? I don't know the name in English (when weather effects on your mood) for that kind of phenomenon but I can feel it each day stronger. It's really strange and it makes me feel like in a sad mood. I'm looking at the enviroment around although it's still warm you can see that the days are getting shorter. We have more thunderstorms and it's easy to see that the autumn is coming so fast. That's the way it goes one could say.

I'm looking forward to see all colours of autumn, falling leaves, soft light around. I know that the soft light and short day will effect on me in a various ways. During that time I feel so sleepy and tired and getting very sad. It makes me think about my life, another year is passing by, I'm getting older and older. It's gonna be hard to manage at the start but I'll get on well when the first snow flakes falling. I hate when it's cold like in winter but each winter gives us a hope for next summer. So we're waiting and looking forward.

I was thinking if I can manage to travel and to live in different places, to have my summer (winter) house in Australia. To have my Christmas Eve in hot and sunny day. Would it be fantastic for me? Maybe yes, maybe no. I know that a circle of life in the weather has to be like this. Human need to got a bit burnt in the summer and to freeze a bit during winter.

I know so many people like sun addicted and they really would like the summer last forever but it's impossible.The profits they get is the warm weather, water sports, light clothes but on the other hand winter might be cool as well. You can do some winter – snow – sports, using your fire place to warm up, and to wear all the fancy clothes.

I'm in the first part and what about you? How do you feel about it? What's your opinion in that matter?

Photo credits: Lukasz Tymszan.

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August 23, 2007


I think most people are affected by the weather, but I think all seasons have a lot to offer as far as photography goes. I prefer spring and have hard time handling really, really hot weather. Then again, I don't like the short days of winter much.

August 23, 2007


Weather does affect me in a lot of ways. Starting from the entering rainy season which triggers my asthama which is a physical effect and also the smell of the first rains that triggers romance and love in me.

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