web 2.0

I got feeling that web 2.0 is killing the need for high quality images... Slowly u can see that real images dissapear from redesigned sites what are "web 2.0 " ... Almost every costumer wants someting "trendy" ... Last design I've done with beautiful image was the product package for a "Natural milk" ... After web 2.0 I don't know what to expect ... So many "designers" are stealing work, so many of them are doing someting futuristic in order to make someting more and more unique , some of them are killng the site usability cause their design ... In my opinion , the usability is more important than design of the site .... We had pool on one forum , results are that more designers would kill usability cause design ... web 2.0 , its need , but how the design in future will look ... I absolutly don't have an idea...

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