Web design modern tips & tricks to generate active clicks

Web design now a days with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has made it magically beautiful with the possibilities of rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations etc.

What does that mean for designers & photographers?

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It means that modern web coding languages have made it more possible for designers to use more images & web elements that can be shown on a single web page or even the visible part of the page, which in hand has made it faster for the message to be delivered & get a reaction from the netizens or the visitors to click for more and reach the end of the deal.

Did it make a big difference? Indeed it did! With CSS3 designers can fix images while other images can be rotating, showing different backgrounds on the same web page & fixing some parts while some elements hide when scrolling down & reappear when scrolling up! Pages are adapted to different screen sizes so the layout will continue delivering the right message with the suitable layout & get the desired click no matter what device the navigator is using. Not to mention that popups don't have to be separate pages anymore & annoy the visitors.

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I'm not going to discuss how to make an attractive web page cause it is a matter of taste & differs from a business to another & a designer to another.Here I'm going to give some tips & tricks to use on a web design to help generating the click that achieve the goal of the website:

1 - Try to have the subscribe or the register button well visible near each stage of explaining your product/service in case your message is rotating or needs scrolling. Yes no trouble in repeating the button after each page scroll! Clients who are already convinced can click the first visible button, others might need to read more to click it...etc.

2 - If the commercial message is done, don't place any advertisement between the message & the subscribe/register button.

3 - Estimate the average time needed to read your message before you make it rotate or jump to another stage of explanation of your product or service. But careful don't make it too slow as there is always a possibility to go back with a navigation click!

4 - Use "modal javascript" popups when you want your visitor to subscribe for your newsletter or get more info. It's easy to close, doesn't distract the visitor from the main page & the most important is not going to be blocked by the popup blocker of your browser or software. Modal javascript is an efficient shown design over your design that mostly will get you the targeted click.

5 - If the visitor had landed on the page without any scrolling or any action for some minutes, generate a popup side message to call his attention like "Do you need help?" "Talk to us" "Live Chat with Us" "Check our latest offer" "Get a promotion code" "Try for free" etc.

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6 - Always do your best that the visitors will leave at least their e-mails in your data base, so you can follow up with them by e-mail if the deal is not closed.

7 - Last but not least, put yourself in the visitors shoes, don't make the site so demanding to make them runaway nor too ignoring not to lose their desired click as well.

Now can you imagine how many images and web elements can you use on at least the visible part of a web page using the modern coding languages to generate clicks to action?!


Thanks for reading!

Photo credits: 251355tatiana, Andrey Sirant, Faithiecannoise, Rawpixelimages.

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