Wedding is one of the most significant days in the life of a young couple

On the wedding day, two destinies are woven together. Photos can capture the most touching moments of our lives. Over time, each of us erase memories and the only way to refresh them is to look at the pictures again. Looking at the photos we can feel the same atmosphere full of happiness and love, feel the same touching emotions, at such moments the heart is filled with the same love and kindness as on the day of the celebration. That is why all young couples try to make as many good and high-quality pictures as possible. This huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of the photographer. So how to make beautiful and high-quality photos that will appeal not only to the newlyweds, but also to their guests, and their future generation?

Our beautiful wedding

Many people know that the wedding day can be divided into four parts:

1. Fees of the bride and groom

2. Personal photo session

3. Registration ceremony

4. Banquet

1. The bride and the groom's fees are taken either at home or in a hotel, with or without friends, it would be very nice to invite the bride's mother to her gatherings, photos where the mother takes part in the bride's collections look very kind and sincere. It is better for a photographer at collections to take pictures under natural light, to pay great attention to details, such as shoes, earrings, perfume, you can take off the bridesmaid dress separately and also admire their attention to close friends present at the training camp. As for the groom, here is the same thing: watches, cufflinks, a bouquet of flowers for the bride, a boutonniere. It is from trifles that our whole life is formed.

Our beautiful wedding

2. Personal photo session. Can take place either in the studio or on the street. About locations you need to think in advance and the decision to take with the newlyweds. Do not forget about the distance, it is desirable that all the places were next to each other, because the time at the shooting runs very quickly. During walking photography, a young couple may have many questions and fears about the weather. You should always have a backup option and in the event of rain, move the shooting location to a beautiful studio, if the newlyweds are bold, then you can arrange a photo session in the rain with umbrellas.If a young couple wants sunny, bright photos, then walking photography can be moved to another, more suitable day.

Our beautiful wedding

3. Registration. Many newlyweds have long since moved away from stereotypes to remove registration only at the registry office. It is much more interesting and touching now to order exit registration. It is about her, we'll talk. To begin, you will need to rehearse a few moments with the newlyweds for some moments that they will have to go through during registration, such as going out, how they will stand, which side they will stand on and the bridegroom will wear rings.

It is worthwhile to discuss in advance the ceremonies that are now in vogue and are rapidly gaining momentum, they look great (sand ceremony, wine ceremonia, the ceremony of "Locking the castle", the ceremony of roses, the tree of love, the family hearth, the ceremony with a drawing, the ceremony of "secret node 2, etc. .). Do not forget that there will be many guests in the hall who have been waiting for this day for a long time, so try not to block the newlyweds while you work.

Our beautiful wedding

4. Banquet. At the banquet you should go unnoticed and still have time to photograph both the newlyweds and the guests. Particular attention should be paid to: cake, garter, first dance of young people, throwing a bouquet, artists, decor and wedding style. Do not forget about the small details that convey the image and theme of the wedding, such as invitations, well zone, tea table, tables with food.

Our beautiful wedding

On this, my article came to an end, I hope it was very useful for you. I wish everyone to make as many original, juicy, tasty and cool pictures as possible. Always be creative and find the beautiful in everything, even the most ordinary-looking stone can be beautiful if you remove it from the right angle. Good luck to all.

With you was Olya Immel

Photo credits: Olga Immel.

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