Wedding Season is on its way

In the last two weeks, my wedding photos have been the majority of my sales. So it looks like wedding season has begun again this year. I'm attending two friend's wedding this summer so I'll be ready to take some more stock photos. So for those that are attending weddings this summer, bring you camera and your stock photography eye. ;)

Here are some of the photos I've sold in the last few weeks:

Photo credits: Retina2020.

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Great wedding details shots Desislava. I like the details of the veil. I'm sure you'll get sales with them.


Thank you for the info :)


Hey, my pics got approved! And some are still waiting! Have a look at my port. Any advise would be appreciated!


Aginger: Thanks for your compliments. I didn't need a model release for the photos.

Tangie: Thanks for your gracious comments. Coming from you it definitely means a lot to me.


These are the most beautiful bouquets I've seen :) Great inspiration. Lovely. I have to show these to my friends :) who plan on getting married.


Great photos! Just a question: did you need model release for those bouquet pictures?


Thanks for your gracious comments :)


Great wedding pics there! I have a few to go to myself, and will be keeping my eye out for stock oppourtunities! Thanks for the reminder!


Great photos! A couple of days ago I went shopping for my wedding and today I made a lot of photos! Just decorations, no bride till june 20th. Hope the'll got approved in coming days! I'm very excited!

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