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Hello fellow photographers,

Take a look who joined DT a few month ago and now is the featured photographer. The world famous Joseph Sohm. He may be submitting images I presume just like the rest of us and maybe, who knows, some get rejected on grounds of "distorted pixels" or that "image needs to be clear and supportive of the image's main concept", fatal flaws when it comes to stock. I don't think so... :) All his images are probably accepted instantly as they should be.

I feel very proud to be on the same site with him. Have my photos appear in searches together with his photos. Even in this blog just to show how equal we are here, as DT contributors, I am going to post two images. One of his and one of mine. There... I said it.


Photo credits: Joe Sohm, Gavril Margittai.
Gavril Margittai
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  • Gmargittai
  • San Jose, United States

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November 03, 2012

There are truly some amazing and talented photographers here at DT. And you are one of them! Don't ever sell yourself short... you are always learning, always improving, always training your eye. Be proud! :)


November 02, 2012

You're totally right, there are amazing photographers here with us.


November 02, 2012

yes indeed - many of these pictures are so inspirational - actually the one with the capitol and the balloons is one of my favorites - what a great shot - what a great eye to see this and get it right - actually this is one I would like to download just for me to remind me why I should always have a camera with me


November 02, 2012

Your pictures are in fact very beautiful. You are as great as him!


November 02, 2012

Thank you for letting me know. I am enjoying his pictures. You are funny! Are your pictures beating his?